Franky Donoghue Kids 65cc 2021 Champ


Riley Ray Barrow came into Champs Parc knowing he would need a fantastic performance and a minor miracle to overall leader Franky Donoghue, and Barrow did all he could to reel in his rival.

Barrow would win the overall on both days but Donoghue would steal a moto on both occasions to finish second each time and by taking the chequers in the final moto would end up the number 1. Well done Franky. Sidney Monger had a good weekend and would end up on the third step of the box in third both days.

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Harry Lee Youth Senior 2021 Champ

In the Youth Senior class Harry Lee continued his stunning form by going unbeaten all weekend long which enabled him to uncork the champagne and celebrate winning the title a day early.